WOLF EYES Flashlights

Wolf-Eyes tactical flashlights, High quality and reasonably priced, tactical lights, weapons-mounted lights, HID Metal Halide searchlight & spotlight, HID Xenon searchlights and spotlights. Wolf-Eyes Tactical flashlight Models include; Rattlesnake series M90, M90X, M100, M100X, Eagle 4, HID series Crocodile-1 K3400 HID Searchlight, Shark-2 K1850 HID Spotlight and Searchlight, Dragon-1 K500 HID Spotlight, Dragon-2 K500X HID spotlight

PTS will no longer be stocking the Wolf Eyes line of flashlights. Any Warranty issues should be addressed with the folks in

. If you need proof of purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wolf Eyes email:



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